Iremas was founded in 1998 after the reorganization of AB Achema repair services. Company’s roots reach deeper: up to 1998 we have operated as AB ACHEMA service department. Over the years we have gained considerable experience in installing and repairing equipment of the one of the largest chemical company. For over 17 years we independently provide services to largest Lithuanian industry companies: ORLEN LITHUANIA, AB Achema, UAB Vilniaus Energija, AB KLASCO.
Today Iremas is owned by the one of the Lithuanian concerns ACHEMA GROUP.
In July 1, 2003, the company has completed its reorganization. Up to then independent companies: UAB LETENERGA, UAB ELETESTA became Iremas branch “Letenerga“, and the company UAB METAL TESTING LABORATORY became Iremas branch “Metalų bandymų laboratorija“.
In June 4, 2007, the Panevezys branch was registered in the Register of legal entities. Its main activities are metal processing, non-standard equipment manufacturing and fabrication of metal products.
In May 25, 2015, the branch Projektų Centras was registered in the Register of legal entities. Its main activities are design and technical supervision.


About us

UAB IREMAS is one of the largest metal processing, manufacturing, erection, repair, design and maintenance service providers in Lithuania. At the moment the company has 700 employees. Over the years of operation the company has trained and concentrated qualified, technically educated employees, enabling the delivery of quality services in all activity areas. In 2009, the company has implemented an integrated quality, environmental, occupational safety and health management system in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 in order to ensure the quality of products and services, ecologically clean environment, as well as safe and healthy working environment.
Considering the many years of experience, today we are one of the strongest and most reliable companies providing industrial equipment erection and repair services in the Republic of Lithuania.
For all activities, the company has qualified staff, equipment, technologies, as well as the necessary permits and licenses.


Our mission

Our mission is to ensure the highest possible quality of provided services, while preserving the surrounding environment and providing safe and healthy working conditions.

Our vision

Our vision is to be an open, honest and innovative partner for employees and customers.