Various metal products, metal processing and works according to client’s drawings:

  • turnery (up to Ø1200 mm, length 8000 mm; Ø2500 mm, length 1000 mm),
  • milling;
  • shaping;
  • drilling;
  • polishing;
  • tooth milling and shaping.

Welding works of wide range of steels and nonferrous metals:

  • covered-electrode arc welding;
  • fusible electrode arc welding in active gas;
  • wolfram electrode arc welding in inert gas.

Thermal and thermochemical processing in chamber and shaft furnaces of length up to 2000 mm:

  • tempering;
  • carbonisation;
  • nitriding.

Thermal processing of parts with high frequency currents;

Chromium plating of parts with length up to 2000 mm.